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Carol Sours

Marketing & Creative Strategy

Favorite Quote: 

"Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death."

- Auntie Mame

A Bit About Carol

A lifelong passion for storytelling evolved into a successful marketing career for Carol. She is a writer and word nerd (she’s cool with that) who’s been known to obsess over a tagline for days (or weeks, or months). Carol is always digging deeper for the backstory to find that unique angle that will give clients the edge. Then her strategic marketing and brand development skills go into high gear to create power-packed plans for bottom-line results. Carol’s backstory started in Kansas City radio. Fast-forward to more recent history in agency VP and Chief Brand Strategist roles. If she’s not cranking out a marketing plan, she’s probably throwing horns at a concert. But don’t ask her to sing - that would be a big mistake.

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