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Introducing the Go Explore Digital Passport™

How Treo Marketing transformed an antiquated process into a state-of-the-art platform.

As marketers, we have been involved in several development and launch projects for client products. As strategic, creative business women who recognized a market opportunity, we were driven to develop and launch our own. We’re thrilled to introduce the Go Explore Digital Passport!

Why the Go Explore Passport?

Our years of experience in marketing and branding spans diverse areas of industry. Along the way we developed a specialty niche in tourism, helping destinations build awareness and drive traffic for “heads in beds.” The Go Explore Digital Passport was born of issues we saw with traditional passport programs in the tourism industry. Paper-based passport programs were (are) cumbersome for both the participant and destinations on the passports. If (big if) the participant remembered to bring the passport with them to the destination, they would have to remember to get the stamp, destination staff would have to be trained on how to process the passport (and track down stamps), supplies of paper materials would often run out and need to be reprinted (more $$), and then there’s the whole redemption process once the passport is completed. We won’t even mention the frequent “I lost my passport” situation. The idea is great and can be a lot of fun for participants while driving business for destinations, but the process - and often the experience - was not so great. We knew there had to be a better way!

The planning and development of the Go Explore Passport began over four years ago. We began sketching out what a digital passport, accessible from a smartphone, may look like and how it would work. Chief among the requirements would be geolocation-based technology and check-in functionality. We knew we wanted the ability to feature several types of tours and locations, along with a prize component, while designing a seamless experience for users and destinations. Our goal was to create a fun way for consumers to explore a destination - whether they were locals or visitors - and offer opportunities to showcase local businesses and attractions to support regional economies.

How it Works

After four years of technical development, trial and error, and a lot of beta testing (and re-working), we arrived at what is now the trademarked and patent-pending, Go Explore Digital Passport. In addition to the tech features noted above, we wanted the Go Explore Passport to be a lifestyle brand experience - something that provided a sense of community for users and destinations alike, and a way to demonstrate local pride. For this reason, we created the passport as a subscription-based platform. Users create a profile, select their membership level and access themed tours. Once signed up, members use their smartphone to experience unique tours around town, visiting predetermined sites and locations within the tour, and following on-screen directions to claim passport “stamps.” Once members visit a minimum of five (5) locations on each tour, they earn a prize (prizes vary based on the tour). Completing a tour with family or friends is a fun way to experience a city to “play, earn and win!” while practicing social distancing.

The Go Explore Passport is primed for launch in markets across the nation. We have crafted a turnkey multimedia package for launching the Go Explore Passport, bundled with publication and advertising programs, in destination cities from coast to coast. Go Explore Passport Market Owners can leverage the Go Explore Digital Passport and optional publication assets to create a successful lifestyle brand and tourism business in their city. Learn more about market opportunities at

KC First, of Course!

It was important to the Treo Marketing team to launch the Go Explore Digital Passport in our own hometown of Kansas City. We have a wonderful partnership with Maria Andrew, our first Market Owner with the launch of Go Explore KC. Featured tours on include Kansas City-area dining establishments, wineries, local outdoor adventures, and must-see KC-area murals and street art – with more tours added quarterly for paid subscribers. “With so many people taking staycations this summer, social distancing requirements, and the need to support local - now, more than ever - the Go Explore KC passport is offering a new, fun, safe way for friends and families to get out and share experiences, while patronizing local restaurants and shops,” states Maria Andrew. “I am thrilled for this opportunity! Interest in Go Explore KC has been through the roof with a flood of new members signing up daily. The momentum is exciting; KMBC-Channel 9 even came out and did a story on us this week.” (Watch here.)

What’s Ahead.

The patent and launch of the Go Explore Passport is incredibly exciting for us and it’s satisfying to see years of hard work come to fruition, but we remain passionate about our core business, Treo Marketing, and the work we do for our clients. The Go Explore Passport is like another client for us. Our focus is on continuing to do great work for our clients to help them grow their businesses. We will do the same in the continued development and launch of the Go Explore Passport in other markets across the county.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Go Explore Digital Passport or Treo Marketing, contact Alli Kisner at

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