• Carol Sours

Speak Up!

Why NOW is an optimal time to market your business.

By: Carol Sours

“Uncertain.” That is the word we keep hearing over and over when it comes to discussing business and life in general these days. While it is true that much is unsettled in our world right now, life is still moving, people still need products and services, and businesses still need to communicate with their customers and prospects to recover and sustain.

Simply keeping the doors open is a struggle for so many businesses right now. But for those who have been able to keep rolling, have shifted their models, and are finding creative solutions to keep serving customers, maintaining communication is vital. Even for those who have had to shut down and are waiting for the all clear, communicating digitally keeps the brand top of mind and customers on deck.

The opportunity to communicate - and effectively market - your business is prime. Never before have audiences been more in touch across digital and broadcast mediums.

Audiences are tuned in and watching. Nielsen reports in the age demographic of 25-54, people using televisions (PUT) has grown as much as 50% across broadcast and cable TV. Viewership for major cable news networks has increased by 90% or better. In light of our society’s current collective mental state, it is no surprise escapism outlets are winning the race with entertainment networks experiencing 120%+ increase in viewership!

As you may guess, internet usage is up by as much as 70%. But overall advertisers are dialing back spend (Facebook and Google are facing negative revenue growth for the first time in history). This leaves an opportunity for your ad dollars to go further than ever digitally. You don’t have to be a big-budget national advertiser to see results. Small businesses are making waves with the support of community and ever-growing “buy local” mindsets. If you are able to invest in a modest budget, it is a great time to advertise and capitalize on skyrocketing traffic volume and diminished competitor ads in the space.

Email marketing is a sweet spot. General industry research conducted by Hubspot indicates that average marketing email volume increased 29% with open rates jetting up 53% during the same period in March. Consumers are connecting too by signing up for email communications. The average number of contacts added per portal grew by an astounding 51% after March 16th, based on prior Q1 global weekly averages. At the very least, businesses should be communicating ways to connect and sign up for updates, newsletters, etc. to grow their databases. The next step would be to implement a strategic email communications campaign and an inexpensive way to grow awareness and drive sales. Depending on the audience you are targeting, bundling email with a strategic direct mail campaign may garner even more powerful results.

Finding smart, effective and creative ways for businesses to communicate is where Treo Marketing shines! Let’s talk about your business and ways you may be able to better reach your customers and prospects for optimal ROI. Contact Alli at Treo Marketing at and for more information.

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